Buick is a great example of high quality cars made for middle class. The story of contemporary successful company starts in 1902 with Buick Motor Car Company, which was settled in Flint, Michigan. A few years later the company joined the biggest American car manufacturer – General Motors later. Nowadays Buick vehicle family is ready to offer you three different kinds of sedans (Verano, Regal, Lacrosse) and two crossovers (Encore and Enclave). All the models have been updated in 2013. Despite the affordability of prices buying any Buick car of any specification you get an amazing package of attractive interior and exterior design, lots of technological features, great safety and impressive performance. New Buick Verano with a 2.4L engine can make 60 mph (almost a hundred kilometers per hour) in 6.2 seconds, which is pretty impressive for a car that is available for some 25-30 thousands of dollars. If you are looking for something more prestigious than you don’t have to switch to another car brand just take a look at first-class sedan Lacrosse by Buick. Go through detailed specification, put all the stuff you want in there and you will get a pretty amazing luxury sedan that can successfully compete with most of cars available for that price. Take a look at the interior design especially in the Cashmere leather seat trim and how it all looks in the bright colors with genuine leather. It’s prestigious, powerful, safe, stylish and modern vehicle that represents and underlines your status. This car speaks for its owner and it says that successful and self-confident person drives this vehicle. Buick in car manufacturing sphere is like Hugo Boss in the sphere of clothes. Take a look and decide for yourself whether it your or it is not.