Cadillac is a subdivision of General Motors, one of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world. It was founded in 1902 so at this moment the company has a story, which is 111 years long (does anybody believe in some kind of number magic? Maybe it’s your lucky year to get one of Cadillac new cars?). Cadillac doesn’t need a lot of advertisement to make people know about it because everyone already knows it. If you’ve never wanted to get the latest CTS sedan then probably you have no soul or you already have some kind of a supercar, private jet, helicopter or something else that even cooler than CTS-V with all the functions, details, technologies, the most powerful engine, leather seats and so on. Seriously, I’m writing about it and looking at the pictures – it makes me want to cry or go and rob a bank or something. If you have an opportunity to buy one, please send me a photo. Anyways, you just need to look at Cadillac specs – there is no way you can stay indifferent to a 6.2L and 556hp V8 engine, which is able to make 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds! I bet you can save a lot of time if you’d drive this car to get groceries. Cadillac Specification will make your wife to cook you the best food in the whole world or it will make you husband to get you flowers and whatever else you want whenever and wherever you want.
Now close your eyes for a second, imagine your dream car that has everything you want in there, feel the steering wheel, seats, interior, all the buttons, speedometer and now open Cadillac vehicles, sedans, SUVs or crossover depending on what you were dreaming about and compare your dreams with what you see. Is the difference that big? Anyway, you should spend 5-10 minutes and go through the Cadillac family – I bet you won’t regret it.