In the beginning Chrysler was truly American independent car manufacturer till the moment when Fiat, probably the biggest Italian automobile manufacturer, acquired control packet of shares, however it’s enough to just look at the cars to realize that it still has more American in the design, stuffing and the entire concept. Besides the Chrysler itself, Chrysler Group produces vehicles under such well-known brand names as Dodge, Jeep, RAM and SRT. Chrysler group is the main competitor of General Motors group in the North American market share. In 2013 there are 4 models out of rather rich Chrysler family available – Chrysler 200 (+ Convertible version), 300, and Chrysler Town & Country. Look through Chrysler specifications – you’ve got pretty good chances to find something that would meet all your requirements. They’ve been producing cars for a pretty long time and they do know how to make it work well, look nice and pleasure its owners. Have you seen 2013 Chrysler SRT8? Take a look. It’s an example of luxury sedan that deserves you attention. People were working on this concept for a rather long time so you can at least give them some respect and take a look at their work. It has a powerful engine, attractive interior and decent exterior designs. Look at the detailed specification and you might want to change your views about what luxury sedan is supposed to look like. Chrysler is a classic. This is the word that actually represents the entire concept of Classical American car that has enough room, power and freedom.