Daewoo is ex-South-Korean second largest industrial concern, which became bankrupt in 1999 after a huge Asian financial collapse. Later 20 some subdivisions were sold or continue to work separately. General Motors acquired Daewoo Auto and Technology subdivision in the beginning of 21st century. After merging the company was called GM Daewoo. The list of car models that were produced by Daewoo included such as Matiz, Winstorm, Alpheon, Lacetti, Tosca and other. Some of vehicles that were produced by Daewoo were sold under Chevrolet brand name in Australia and a few Asian countries. Since Daewoo was a part of General Motor concern some of the concepts that are known under divergent names were also developed on the foundation of Daewoo. For instance, Chevrolet Aveo initially was produced by the ex-Korean subsidiary and it was called Daewoo Kalos. Nowadays Daewoo specifications of this model is rather different from what it originally was, surely it changed to better and now it has 1.8L engine with 136 horsepower, 5 manual or 6 automatic transmission and more.
Anyways, General Motors made a decision to shut down the production of cars under Daewoo brand-name and the subdivision itself was abolished due to doubtful reputation of concern in South Korea which was a trail of events that took place back in the end of 90-s. So if you are a votary of Daewoo vehicle series then you should trace the development of the model you like.