Eagle is used to be a subdivision of Chrysler Group, which was founded in 1988 and existed for 11 years till 1999, the year it became defunct. Despite the fact that it didn’t last too long it was pretty successful for a while and had its admirers. For example, more than 110,000 people bought Eagle Talon. It was the most popular and the most long-living models out of all Eagle cars. It had been produced for 8 years, since 1990 till 1998. Throughout the whole lifetime Eagle launched eight different car series.
Anyway in 1999 it was decided to shut down manufacturing of Eagle cars. It’s thought that there were a few reasons for such decision. First of all, people blame Eagle that it didn’t have enough individuality all of the cars that were produced were similar to car series of other brands including cars that also belonged to Chrysler Group such as Dodge and Plymouth. Also Eagle sales centers were placed right by Jeep, which was more popular than Eagle. It was Chrysler’s decision to place these two brands side by side. Probably there were also some other reasons that also contributed its mite in the Eagle’s shut down. However, Chrysler brand in general prospers at North American market and beyond so you can acquire their vehicles in different specifications whenever you want.