This company doesn’t need any kind of introduction because everyone knows Ferrari as a red, incredibly fast and irresistibly attractive sport-car. Ferrari is very popular in European countries due to its participation in popular famous Formula-1, which is the first class auto racing. Michael Schumacher, Ferrari’s F-1 driver, became a legend on the top of his career as one of the most professional and successful drivers of all the time. Becoming famous he also advertised Ferrari and its great vehicles.
Ferrari originates in Italia in 1928. Enzo Ferrari who was a driver himself founded the company. Nowadays control packet of shares belongs to Fiat group. Ferrari always produced and still produces racing and sports cars, the company occupies a significant market share in the sphere of first-class cars manufacturing around the world. Nowadays there are five kinds of cars available at your choice including Ferrari California (Specification: 0-60mph – under 4 seconds, maximum speed – almost 200 mph), FF model (Specification: V12 engine, 0-60mph – 3.8 seconds, maximum speed – 208 mph), F 12 Berlinetta (Specification: V12 Engine, 0-60mph – 3.1 seconds! 0-125mph – 8.5 seconds! Innovative carbon-ceramic breaking system – it needs just 131 meters (430 feet) to stop the vehicle when it goes 125mph, great aerodynamics characteristics, impressive cabin design – you just have to take a look at this car), 458 Spider (Specification: V8 Engine, 0-60mph – 3.4, maximum speed is 199mph), and Ferrari 458 Italia – the series, which has already gathered more than 30 different international awards (Specification: V8 engine, 0-60mph – under 3.4 seconds, maximum speed is over 200 mph).