It’s the company that doesn’t need tedious introductions because Ford’s success story is well-known all over the world and became a universal example of marketing and manufacturing. Henry Ford founded the company in 1903 and it was the first company to introduce conveyor system of car assembling, which happened to be a foundation of every single vehicle manufacturing company of today’s world.
At the moment Ford is ready present its customers a rather wide range of cars including such international names as Focus and Mustang, SUVs and crossovers (Explorer, Expedition and other), Trucks such as classical F-150, and a few commercial vehicles.
Ford also takes part in various popular contests around the world. It has its own rally team and sells engines to other teams. Ford regularly takes part in World Rally Championship (WRC). Also it’s the fourth largest manufacturers in such NASCAR series as Sprint Cup, Capming World Truck, and Nationwide series.
As for Ford Focus, one of the best-selling Ford cars, it’s available in 7 various fuel-efficient models. So, this year you are able to choose the exact Ford Specification that meets all your requirements if you like Focuses though. Even if you don’t you can’t stay indifferent towards Ford Mustang. It comes in 10 specs starting at $22,000. The most powerful model Shelby GT500 is ready to supply you with 662 horsepower in a 5.8L V8 engine. Even in case any kind of car can’t satisfy you then you still can look through SUVs or trucks and be able to find something that suits you the most. Ford keeps abreast with the times and offers its customers cutting-edge Hybrid and EV for such car models as Fusion, C-Max and Focus.