GMC (the first name was GM Truck and Coach) is one of the oldest acquisitions of General Motors Company, which happened in 1908 in 7 years after the founding. General Motors also buys another company of truck segment and merges GM Truck and Coach and recently acquired Reiance Motor Car Company in GMC Truck in 1911. The final name GMC was given to the amalgamation in 1996. At the moment GMC is one of the leading subsidiaries of the whole General Motors concern yielding to Chevrolet branch only. It was thought that during the financial crisis of 2008-2009 GMC was going to be liquidated however it outlived the crisis and still produces great trucks, crossovers, vans and SUVs.
At the moment GMC is ready offer its customers 9 different vehicles with different designs and specifications. Two models out of the product range were given a status of Best Buy products in 2013 due to customers’ views. These models are Terrain SUV and Arcadia Crossover.
Let’s take a close look to 2013 Yukon Denali, which is a luxury SUV by GMC. It can place up to 8 including a driver with a great comfort. The entire interior made of premium materials. This model is equipped with high-quality Bose sound system; there are ten speakers that create surrounding sound system intensified with central subwoofer creating a great sound all together. The SUV is powered by 6.2L V8 engine with 403 horsepower, which gives you great performances along with significant fuel economy. Besides great performance and luxury looks this car is also very safe bringing highest standards of 360 degrees of protection. Price of this vehicle is rather high but it’s reasonable, you can feel and see what you pay for. You get three-in-one pack acquiring this car – great performance, attractive design and highest standard safety.