Honda is an international industrial company that was founded in Japan in 1948. It’s well known and popular as a car and motorcycles manufacturer for the most part. However, besides cars and motorcycles Honda also produces trucks, airplanes, jet-skis, electric generators, robots, engines and a lot more. Honda also used to take part in Formula-1 racing events as an engine manufacturer and cars constructor, however the company decided to sell its team in 2008.
Nowadays the corporation produces cars under two brand names – Honda Automobiles and Acura, the second one is North American subsidiary of Honda Corporation, which is aimed on sports cars and luxury cars production. Honda Automobiles is ready to offer eleven models of cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks for its customers. Honda is the producer of Accord, midsize sedan that was given several awards in various nominations including safety other characteristics. At the moment you are able to acquire Accord in three different varients including 2013 Sedan and Coupe, and brand new 2014 Accord Plug-in, updated design and cutting-edge hybrid technology. Take a look at detailed specs of new accord – three drive modes that include EV, Hybrid and regular engine modes, so you can switch among these variants depending on you preferences and situation. The hybrid technology engine consists of 2L 4V Engine with 141 horsepower and 55 horsepower Li-Ion battery. It’s not the only model that worth paying attention to so if you’ve got a few minutes look through other amazing vehicles by Honda and their specifications.