Hummer is a world’s famous SUV, which is originally produced by AM General. From the very beginning Hummer had nothing common with civil manufacturers, even the name was different – HMMWV, which stays for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. The first military SUV by AM General was produced in 1985. HMMWV (and Hummer) was highlighted by Mass Media during Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) and a lot of people wanted to acquire vehicle of that kind. Laissez-Faire-based economy always reacts with supply where there is demand for something, so AM General produces first civil Hummer SUV called Humvee (this name didn’t last long and was changed to Hummer, which sounded more brutal). All the rights for production of civil Hummer SUVs were sold to General Motors in 1999. GM continued to produce Hummers till the economic crisis of 2008 when it was firstly decided to sell Hummer production to some other vehicle manufacturer and some Chinese company gave their consent to acquire the rights however the bargain was cancelled and it was decided to liquidate this subsidiary. The last Hummer SUV was produced in May of 2010.
There were three Hummer models that are still popular among a lot of people around the entire world – Hummer H1, Hummer H2 and Hummer H3. The vehicle was placed in all kinds of video games and movies, which favored the development of Hummer series and promoted sales of the series. Hummer still attracts people with its brutal-looking exterior and massive wheels.