Are you the kind of person who prefers to see combined such things as great performance, impressive design, luxury interior and exterior, innovative, cutting-edge technologies along with great safety and comfort? – Infiniti vehicles are what you are looking for.
If you have ever sat on a seat of any Infiniti car then you are likely to memorize that feeling – genuine leather, lots of small pretty details of interior, intuitive navigation, and more.
Infiniti is a luxury car subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and the third in Japan (after Honda and Toyota). All the Infiniti models are based upon original Nissan car concepts. The history of Infiniti starts from 1989 in North America, where the very first car was sold, or from 1985, the year Nissan’s confidential subdivision was originally formed. Infiniti was an innovative step for Nissan in the US; they began from the very beginning and finally came to success with these luxury cars that have nothing in common with the Nissan cars, which they are originally based upon.
It’s interesting how names of models are formed. Each Infiniti model’s name gives you a brief description of a model by a letter (the bigger the car the closer it gets to the end of the alphabet), and a number, which stands for a displacement (for instance, Infiniti M56 has a 5.6L engine). At the moment Infiniti company is ready to offer its customers a wide range of luxury cars including such as G, M, EX, FX, JX and QX series with different specs. Take a look at any series you like and I bet you’ll fall in love with these cars. That have all kinds of intelligent equipment, attractive exterior and interior design that makes people want to sell whatever car they have in order to get Infiniti car and it really worth it.