Have you ever heard of jaguar? It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve heard of an animal or a vehicle because they have much more in common than people usually think about it and I can prove it. First of all, they both look glaringly gorgeous. Secondly, you can apply a word ‘royal’ to both of them as well as ‘luxury’. Thirdly, both are the fastest, aren’t they? I can keep on, however today’s topic is the car manufacturer – Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC.
Jaguar history starts more than 90 years ago with Sir William Lyons, the founder of Swallow Sidecar Company. Right now Jaguar is one of the world’s leading first-class cars manufacturers with six model series that have various technical specifications that can satisfy car connoisseur of any kind. If you take a look at official website or at your local Jaguar dealer than you’ll see up to 6 different models including such as Jaguar F-Type, XF and XF Sportbrake, XJ, XK and R.
F-Type comes with three different engines from 3.0 V6 340 PS making 0-60 in 5.1 seconds to 5.0 V8 495PS making 0-60 in 4.2 seconds (maximum speed is 180 miles per hour!) – pretty impressive, isn’t it? It also has a great design, intuitive control and power. That is a kind of car every man wishes to have. Maybe this is not the kind of a car for the whole family (it’s actually not) but this is certainly a car for you. This car and it’s specs allow you to feel the virgin freedom driving as fast as wind. Having a Jaguar car means being the fastest among other just like a jaguar feel in the jungle among other animals. Jaguar Land Rover Company allows you to become a jaguar yourself, pretend that you are a predator among your victims. Reveal your real nature.