Jeep is a subdivision of Chrysler Group LLC, one of the largest original American car manufacturers. It is mainly focused on production of sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles, however they used to produce pickup trucks as well, not any more though.
Jeep Company was founded in 1941 in the United States and now this brand is well known all over the world. Just like many other car manufacturers it started from World War II but now it is ready to offer its vehicles to anyone who loves the shape of jeeps and their technical specifications. At the moment Jeep is ready to provide you with any model you prefer out of five series available at your choice including such as Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, which has become some kind of a legend in some countries due to its use in movies or for some other reason, whatever it is a lot of people recognize this model and some even think that it’s the name of the company and the model is called Jeep. So, in some ways you get a legend trying to buy a Jeep.
Actually brand new Grand Cherokee 2013 looks pretty cool and comes in 6 various specifications at your choice – Laredo, Limited, Overland, SRT8 and a few others. The price is not that bad so you can be calm clicking on the pictures and specs of cars because in case you’ll like something there is nothing impossible about getting one of them. So, if you feel like you may like Jeep in some way then you should at least give it a try and spend a few minutes looking at legendary SUVs and off-road vehicles Jeep has made for you this year.