Does this company even need an introduction? This is one of the most successful car manufacturers on the entire planet. And you can say nothing against it unless you are a co-owner of Maybach, Bentley or Ferrari Company. It has been selling great cars for over 60 years by now and demand keeps on growing during all these years. BMW broke the Rover Group back in 90s and then sold a part of it to Ford Motor Company. Finally the whole group was gathered together in 2008, so this brand has been through a lot of changes and conversions but it’s still afloat and now it seems that there is nothing that can sink this great British vehicle manufacturer.
At the moment there are five powerful SUVs you are able to choose from starting at some $37,000 with LR2 model and basic technical specifications that can be improved if you want to. In case you are looking for something more luxury and powerful then there is the All-New Range Rover available for you starting at $83,500 in North America. These cars are made for those who want to seat higher and have a full control over the situation on the road driving with comfort and as fast as you want to. Land Rover vehicles aren’t like any other cars, they have their own style and if you ask me I’d say there is something that you feel about these cars. Whether you love them or hate them but you certainly can’t stay indifferent.