Lincoln Motor Company is a subdivision of Ford Motor Company that is focused on producing luxury vehicles mostly for citizens of United States of America. Due to rapidly growing China’s luxury car market Ford is planning to expand Lincoln brand on their territory. Nowadays their main competitors are Lexus (Toyota), Audi (Volkswagen), Cadillac (General Motors), Acura (Honda), and Infiniti (Nissan). Despite the fact that competition is rather strong Lincoln still has its unique appearance, specifications, additional features and it represents truly American image that’s why this Brand is pretty successful throughout its almost a hundred years history.
Nowadys Lincoln Motor Company is ready to offer its customers 5 different models including sedans and SUVs such as MKZ, MKX, MKS, MKT and Lincoln Navigator. New Lincoln MKZ 2013 impresses at the first glance. Attractive design, smooth body, 3.7L V6 Engine with 300 horsepower will take you wherever you need as fast as you need. There is also a hybrid model available for you that can maintain 62 miles per hour on electric power only without using any resources of the regular engine.
Lincoln 2013 Cars bring a brand new vision of luxury cars manufacturing in general and the whole new system of standards. They worked hard in order to present you something conceptually new and I think they did pretty well. Check out all the models out of available model range its specifications.