Maserati is one of the most successful luxury vehicle manufacturers around the world. Five brothers who were involved in automobile world as drivers, mechanics and manufacturers founded the company in 1914 in Italia. In 1993 the company was acquired by Fiat, the largest Italian car manufacturer that already owned such companies as Lancia, Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo. This acquisition along with previous deals makes Fiat group one of the most significant players of luxury vehicles industry with one of the biggest market shares of this field. In 2011 it sold over six thousands units that brought a profit of almost 600 million euros (~780 million dollars). Nowadays Maserati offers three luxury car models such as Quattroporte (comes in only one version and tech spec), Granturismo (including GranTurismo Sport, MC Stradale MY 13, New GranTurismo MC Stradale with unique technical specification) and Grancabrio (standard, Sport and MC models). One Maserati car costs like a really nice house or even a couple of great houses with several floors and a garage however the fact that you own such a car means that you are very successful and this purchase underlines your status. This car is your personal invitation to any party and reception. You are welcome anywhere and anytime you like. These cars combine both power and elegance: ~500 horsepower, maximum speed – 300 km/h (~190mph). Take a look at Maserati car technical specification and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Everything about it attracts – exterior, interior, engine, shape – everything. Take sometime and imagine yourself driving it, at least you’ll get some motivation to do something in order to be able to acquire one of these great vehicles.