Mazda is one of the oldest Japanese car manufacturers. Jujiro Matsuda founded the company in 1920. Nowadays its one of the most successful brands – annual revenue is 24 billion dollars (2011) and about 39 thousands employees (2011). Its name derives from both name of the founder and a god of wisdom and intelligence, which was popular in some of the earliest civilizations that were prevalent in western Asia. The logo of the company was changed several times till they introduced the actual logo in 1997, which symbolizes the stretching of wings of the company. There may be several different interpretations for this but I think that it shows that the company takes its roll and about to spread the ‘wings’ of success.
Anyway, Mazda offers a wide range of great vehicles worldwide and people do love it for its reliability, innovative design solutions and impressive performances. If you currently live in the United States then there are eight models (omitting several variations of basic models) including such as MAZDA2, MAZDA3 (5 and 4-door models), MAZDA6 (probably one of the most popular sedans in American and European market shares), MX-5 Miata (with soft and hard top), MAZDASPEED3, MAZDA5, and impressive CX-5 and CX-9 SUVs. Let’s take a brief look at MAZDA6 technical specification so you know what this car is capable of. All the three trims available at your choice have 184 horsepower SkyActiv-G engine, which has rather great fuel efficiency – 38 mpg on a highway according to EPA testing system, all kinds of safety systems including ABS, DSC, TC system and other. The greatest advantage of this car is its value for money.