Mercedes-Benz is an internationally acknowledged high-quality car brand. It is a subsidiary of Daimler AG (it also owns such brands as Maybach, Mercedes AMG, Smart, Daimler Trucks and many other), one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, which was originally founded in Germany, the country that is known for its meticulousness and pedantry to all the stages of production. The national German mentality probably is the key factor of Mercedes-Benz and Daimler AG success. Originally Karl Benz founded the company in 1886. A lot of inventions that were introduced in Mercedes-Benz cars at first later become common among all the other car manufacturers due to its necessity, inherence and beneficence. Nowadays Mercedes-Benz produces a rather wide range of Passenger cars (A,B,C,CL,CLA,CLS,E,G,GL,GLK,M,R,S,SL,SLK-Class, and SLS AMG), vans, trucks, buses and transporters.
Most people are interested in passenger cars made by Mercedes-Benz, so let’s concentrate our attention on them for a while. It’s pointless to give detailed technical specification of each model so I’ll give you a few common ideas about it and then each one can decide for him/herself what he/she is mostly interested in.
If you are looking for a hatchback then A-Class is for you, all the classes that start with G and M are SUVs, CL-class is luxury coupe, S – luxury sedans, B-Class represents MPVs, SL, SLK and SLS AMG are ready to offer you some first class roadsters, CLA and CLS are 4-door coupe. I hope this short description and classification will help you to navigate through Mercedes-Benz’s long list of vehicles and focus on something you really interested in saving time on pointless looking through classes you have no interest it.