Mercury is used to be a pretty popular car brand, subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Mercury was originally founded by Edsel Ford, son of the whole Ford concern founder Henry Ford. It took place of an entry-level luxury cars between regular Ford vehicles and luxury Lincoln cars. Throughout the period of 2000-2010 Mercury sold over two million vehicles (11 models were available during these years) and Grand Marquis accounts one third of total sales. Despite that fact it was decided to discontinue the production of Mercury vehicles due to low demand (only 1% of North American market, while Ford had 16%) and replace it with enlarged output of Lincoln cars. Anyways, Mercury is still pretty popular among some brand lovers and you are still able to find these cars driving around the US and Canada. The last four models that were available for customers include Mercury Milan, Grand Marquis, and two SUV models – Mariner and Mountaineer. At the moment Ford Motor Company is ready to offer you similar to Mercury vehicles of Lincoln and Ford brands. For example, if you are interested in Mercury Milan you may be able to find similar technical specifications and appearance in Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ, instead of Mercury Mariner they are ready to offer you Ford Escape and Ford Explorer instead of Mountaineer. So even after the shutting down of manufacturing of Mercury brand you are still able to find great vehicles by Ford Motor Company that will meet all you requirements.