Nissan Motor Company (or just Nissan) is a well-known Japanese vehicle manufacturer that successfully sells its products all over the world making some 320 billion yens annually, which is somewhere around 415 million US dollars. The company was founded in 1933, which may make consider this company as a rather young one comparing to Mitsubishi, which is 60 years older, or General motors, American manufacturer, which was founded in 1908. However, the age is not the most significant rate of success. For example, Toyota was founded later in 1937 however it has a higher rank.
Besides the Nissan brand, the company also produces cars under Infiniti brand name. In 1999, two major international car manufacturers Nissan and Renault entered a 2-way alliance that allowed them to achieve impressive marketing results.
Nowadays Nissan is in the list of the six largest automobile manufacturers all over the world. The range of cars available is rather wide and it allows pretty much everyone to find something he/she is looking for. In case you look for something special and you are ready to pay a bit more for that then you might want to check out Inifiti line-up. For example, in the United States Nissan is ready to offer 18 different vehicles including cars, SUVs, crossovers, trucks and vans of various technical specifications and trims including such popular models as Altima, Z, GT-R, Murano, Pathfinder, Frontier and many other. They’ve got so many cars that there is no way one can describe it in a singular article. So, please welcome to detailed description of models you are mostly interested in. I bet you will be able to find something you’ll like.