Plymouth used to be an independent subsidiary of Chrysler Group, which also owns such popular car brands as Jeep, Dodge, and other. The original company was founded almost a hundred years ago back in 1928. This was the year when it produced a car that could compete with similar Chevrolet and Ford first affordable American vehicles and it even had a few competitive advantage that helped Plymouth to stay afloat and be able to be equal with such giant as Ford Motor Company. In 1930 Plymouth company introduced cars with built-in radio sets, which was a rather unusual solution back in years especially taking into account the fact that prices remained pretty low. The company was in its prosperity period during 1960-1970 when they could sell around 700,000 vehicles annually. The main problem of Plymouth Company was the fact that it couldn’t create its own brand image after the years of prosperity, which lead them to becoming of many Japanese cars retailers. By the year of 2000 most of vehicles were sold under Chrysler brand name due to low demand for Plymouth. In 2001 the company was shut down due to the unprofitability of the branch. This is about it. It was a short story of success, the story of impressive and rapid rise and not less impressive fall and complete decline of the manufacturer. Initially it was thought that Plymouth would become even more massive than Dodge however the end turned out to be a complete different story.