Even if you have never heard of such company, which is already very unlikely to happen, you’d probably think of something royal, large, powerful, graceful and impressive – you’d quite right, that’s exactly the words people usually use to describe this or that Rolls Royce vehicle. Almost each one of them becomes a legend of its class in a sense. Originally it’s a British luxury car manufacturer, which was founded over a hundred years ago in the beginning of the 20th century even before the First World War in 1904. Nowadays Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a division of BWM AG, one of German and World’s largest car manufacturers of all the times. Any R-R car is a masterpiece of car manufacturing that combines enormous power and elegance in the same body. These cars symbolize success and wellbeing itself. You’ll never see a weak man driving Rolls-Royce because these vehicles have a rather unruly temper that can be controlled by strong men only.
The company is ready to offer its customers three models including Rolls-Royce Phantom, Ghost and Wraith. Each one of them has its unique design, details, and technical specifications that won’t leave anybody indifferent to them. Let’s hold our attention on Rolls-Royce Phantom, one of the most famous models out of the presented range. This model is available in four different body forms – regular, with extended wheelbase, which gives you more inner space for personal comfort, Drophead coupe and Phantom Coupe. There are so many details in this vehicle that I want to focus your attention on that it becomes impossible in the context of a singular article so I’d advise you to take a look at them yourself. These cars deserve a book dedicated to them because it’s an entire milestone in the history of car manufacturing.