SAAB (Saab Automobile AB) is a Swedish company, which went bankrupt in 2011 and later was resuscitated by National Electric Vehicle Sweden, a Swedish-Japanese-Chinese concern. The history of SAAB is full of pitfalls, however the company is still afloat despite all the accidents that the company had to go through. Maybe afloat is not quite the word, the company is barely breathing however it is. Many Asian manufacturers wanted to acquire SAAB in order to start producing and selling these vehicles on the domestic markets however some of the previous owners (General Motors) assumed that they might want to acquire the cutting-edge western technologies that were used while producing latest SAAB vehicles such as PhoeniX, 9-3 ePower, 9-x Air and other.
If you ask me, the company is going bankrupt once again. There is not that much information that can tell you any details that can ensure you of anything else. The official website can offer you some kind of after sale service and genuine parts. In case you have some kind of SAAB car then you own a piece of car manufacturing history. Maybe in a few years you can sell it as a piece of antiques. In case you still want to acquire a SAAB car then you might want to look for it at some local dealers that sell used cars or websites that sell used cars as well.