Scion is an American subdivision of Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the oldest, most famous, respected and major vehicle manufacturers all over the world. Toyota represents Scion as a youth car brand. All the vehicles produced under Scion name have the only version with fixed technical specifications that cannot be modified before the purchase by manufacturer. It was established in 2002. It started with a couple of hatchbacks – Scion xA and Scion xB that were built on the foundation of Toyota Yaris. Nowadays there are five models available for American customers including such as Scion FR-S (this line comes out independently without Toyota interference), Scion iQ, Scion, tC, Scion xB, which was already mentioned above, and Scion xD. Most of Scion cars are represented as affordable models for youth, however Scion FR-S costs around $25,000, which is comparable to some Cadillac sedans and other cars that thought to be premium. At the same time 2013 FR-S is rather expensive due to its comparatively impressive performance rates and a powerful 2.0L engine with 200 horsepower. Despite the tough competition provided by such major North American car manufacturers as General Motors and Ford (skipping Honda, Mitsubishi and other corporations that have their shares in the market as well) Scion is still afloat. I can’t say that it is on the top but still it has its own audience. You can spend a few minutes looking at cars and technical specs of Scion vehicles it won’t do any harm.