Spyker is thought to be a successor of Dutch truck and car manufacturer called Spijker (later was renamed as Spyker) but they have nothing in common besides the fact that present Spyker had bought the copyrights. During the First World War the company amalgamated with Dutch Aircraft Factory, an aircraft manufacturer – it explains the presence of a propeller on the emblem of the company. Nowadays company has nothing in common with aircrafts besides some design elements and speed of their exclusive sports cars. There are two models available for exclusive luxury sports car lovers – Spyker C8 Aileron and Spyker B6 Venator. Every single detail of these vehicles speaks for itself demonstrating grace, beauty and pride of its creators. There are so many things I want to focus on that it’s incredible. Each square foot of these vehicles is a masterpiece that can be discussed like a picture from a museum or gallery. Gorgeous LED headlights, scissor doors, aircraft canopy, turbine-shaped air scoops, aluminum body, V8 4.2L Engine with 400 horsepower, high-performance brakes, spaceframe chassis that weights 230kg (~500lbs) only, chronoswiss switches and dials, old-style dashboard, impressive sound system, Royal Hulshof leather is used to cover the interior of each Spyker vehicle. It is enough to take a look at Spyker cars to fall in love with them. Owning a Spyker is rather similar to possessing a private jet that you can use to ‘fly’ around regular highways. These vehicles are made for true connoisseurs of sports cars. Spyker has its own unique style that doesn’t suit everyone but it surely won’t leave you indifferent to it. There are only two options – whether you’ll love it or hate it, which is very unlikely to happen.