Tesla Motors is an American battery car manufacturer, which was based in Silicon Valley. Besides the cars is also produces and sells electric powertrain components to other major car manufacturers including such world’s giants as Daimler group and Toyota Motor Company. The main goal of the company is to make fully electric cars popular and affordable for mid-class costumers. Nowadays, looking at the prices I cannot say that they’ve managed to achieve their goal however the company is rather young, it was established in 2003 and we’ve to give it some credit. The goal is hard to achieve but it will benefit so much to overall ecological and energy situation globally, so let’s hope that they will achieve the goal. The very first car model was Tesla Roadster, world’s first fully electric sports car. It was officially introduced to public in 2006. First hundred of Tesla Roadsters was brought out in 2008 and is cost was $100,000 a piece. Right now the company is ready to offer two vehicles – Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Let’s take a close look at the first one mentioned.
Model S was given the name of Car of the Year by Motor Trend in 2013. It has 0 emission, it’s able to drive up to 125 miles per hour, which is pretty impressive taking into account the fact that it is fully electric powered vehicle, and its able to make 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. You are able to choose four vehicle options that have batteries of different capacity and other features. Also there is Model S Performance available that has the top battery, upgraded drivetrain and more. Models S Performance impresses with its characteristics. You can drive up to 300 miles with no need to recharge the battery (at 55mph), it has 416 horsepower engine that makes 0 to 60mph in 4.4 seconds and can drive as fast as 130 miles per hour!